For Total 24 Hour Toilet Training

LumiPotti is the innovative day & night potty for Total Toilet Training.  With built in night-light, LumiPotti guides children through every stage of potty training.

LumiPotti encourages children’s natural progress until they are confidently nappy-free day and night.



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LumiPotti, night-time toilet training



     Unlike other potties, LumiPotti doesn’t stop at day dry…




LumiPotti removable night-light

LumiPotti has a removable night-light


It’s removable night light helps children master night dryness before complete independent toileting.

– Anti-Microbial plastic*

– Movement activated night light

– Photosensitive light sensor

– Portable night light

– Battery operated

– Designed by Mums and Made in England


* LumiPotti uses Perrite AM is a comprehensive range of custom-formulated antimicrobial thermoplastic compounds that bring the fight against harmful bacteria including MRSA, E-Coli, Salmonella and Pseudomonas Aeroginosa into LumiPotti.


-Begin toilet training with LumiPotti around the home until ready for naptime training

– LumiPotti day comfort features include; tall back rest, high front peak and steep bowl.


– Nap times are for mini sleep training

– Use LumiPotti to encourage your child to start sleep bladder control


– LumiPotti is the only night light potty. Movement activated, battery operated, LumiPotti night light helps children grow night confidence and night dryness.

– LumiPotti Light is photosensitive to operate in dim/low light levels only

– LumiPotti Light is movement activated & turns off 60 seconds after no detected movement.


– The final stage of toilet training; independent night-time bathroom trips

– Complete toilet training using LumiPotti Light as a portable, battery operated night light for your child’s final mastery of independent toileting.

Save Money

– Save £’s. Continuing day success into night at your child’s pace saves an average of 300 nappies*

– LumiPotti saves approximately ½ tonne nappy waste*

– Save £’s in electricity bills.

*On average a childs extended usage of nappies at night time is 26 months to 3 years (10 months). This additional nappy usage equates to approximately 300 extra nappies, or approximately ½ tonne of waste [1]

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