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Back to School Bed Wetting

If you are anything like me, you will be struggling with the idea that summer is over and it is back to school for kids this week. Summer has been wonderful. Sunshine meant lots of playing outside, eating BBQ and the occasional sneaky sun-lit evening glass of something grown up!

But between the ice-creams I’ve licked and the slight saddle soreness from all the bike rides, is the ominous creaping month of September when my mind must turn to the challenges of back to school readiness.

There will be many of you who have children going off to school for the first time and this can mean an interesting step in toilet training as back to school can mean back to bedwetting.

In just the same way that stress affects the bladders of us all, it can have a big impact on children. It is not uncommon for children who have been dry for years to experience accidents at school. These accidents can also run into night wetting.

Change Me, I’m Wet. Often the change in routine from home, or pre-school to school classtime means children experience wetness at school, i.e. they simply forget to go or are nervous to ask to be excused for the toilet. At night, children may go back a step to bed wetting because of tiredness or simply as they haven’t relieved their bladders sufficiently in the daytime.

Drink Not, Wet Lot. A common problem at school is not having enough to drink throughout the day. This is usually because children are distracted or simply aren’t used to taking charge of their own thirst. This can mean children are extra thirsty in the evening. The best advice here is to try to build a nice cool drink into the immediate school pick up rather than waiting for tea time when bedtime means there isn’t enough time to empty their bladders.

Bladders Lose Control. For some children school can be stressful. They are away from home, from the people they love and are mixing with people they don’t know, in an unfamiliar place. Their whole world shifts. It is especially important for you to be calm and sympathetic about any wet accidents. Your child may be showing you, through bed wetting, that they need help. Don’t be afraid to ask your child about their wetting and if they have any concerns, bad dreams or worries they want to share. In most cases wetting only happens on the odd occasion and is over before the end of their first month at school.

Good luck, this first term will fly past…

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