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LumiPotti Common Questions

We have been asked some interesting questions about night training and LumiPotti. I would love to share some of the answers with you now;

Q. What is the difference between day and night toileting?

A. Big topic here but it is important to consider them as separate issues since essentially there are 3 main differences;

  1. Physical. Night training requires your child to be physically able to register and control their bladder at night. For some children this development takes longer but most children can toilet train effectively between 2 and 3.5years of age.
  2. Emotional. Asking a child to leave behind nappies is easier in the day as you are always there to help them. At night your child needs to feel confident in waking and safe enough in the dark to persuade themselves from bed. This is often a huge barrier for children. Many may register the need to go, but wet  because they haven’t had the courage to get out of bed. Sometimes the need is too immediate and they can wet before getting to the bathroom. If this pattern repeats it can be deeply frustrating for parents and emotionally jarring for children.
  3. Environment. In your child’s day training not only is there a constant offer of help from adult carers but also the toilet seems always close by. Toy strewn floors are easily navigated and changes of clothing quicker to come by. In short, day training is just a simpler process. By contrast, night-toileting is fraught with obstacles, physical and emotional. Parents need to consider more how they plan to approach night training and talk about it with their child. The correct environment must be created in order for your child to feel safe and supported so they can approach each night without fear of wetting.

Q. Why not wait until they are dry in nappies?

A. This is what most parents choose to do. But at some point the nappies must come off and then what? For some children this is a seemless step into dry nights, but the majority of children will experience some bed wetting. This is not necessarily because they are not ready, but simply that the security blanket of the nappy has been removed.

It is at this point that many parents suffering several sleepless nights and more washing fall back to nappies often before their child has had a good chance to gain control properly. LumiPotti has been designed to help parents support their child as they go through this together.

Q. Why use a night-light potty?

A. We all want to give our child the tools to help them grow and develop as they should. In providing them with LumiPotti you are offering the a solution that tackles two of the main challenges of night training, namely removing the fear of the dark at the same time as creating the right physical environment as they learn to control their bladder.

Q. Is LumiPotti going to really help?

A. Yes. LumiPotti really works. The concept was tested by the creators of LumiPotti with their own children. The product has been tested with children facing toilet training. Some tackled total training together, some approached days first followed quickly by nights. Others had been day dry for a while before tackling nights and some used the LumiPotti to see if it could help with persistent bedwetting.

Q. What is bedwetting?

A. Bedwetting is when a child regularly wets the bed after night training has been started. This could be every night. This could be a couple of times a week, but the common factor is wetting regularly. At LumiPotti we like to make the distinction between a child that is not night trained and bedwetting. All children wet the bed, for different reasons but with the same results. If your child has only just come out of nappies then they must been given time to learn how to control their bladder.


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