Stage 4 – the Big

Beyond 4 years old your child actively relys on night nappies.

Typically at this stage parents have tried night toilet training and stopped for some reason. At 4 years most children are capable of dry nights, but achieving night dryness at this age can be dependent more on parents attitude than the Big’s bladder.

How to Night Train Bigs:

Firstly remember you are not alone. There are over 800,000 children every year learning to toilet train.
At this age your Big understands the challenge ahead but night confidence is low. Bolster and encourage your Big all the way through this process. Use LumiPotti to show them how simple night waking is.
Your Big can rely on LumiPotti to always shine whenever they need it, stay on whilst they move and blink off when they settle again.
Explain that the LumiPotti bowl is deliberately broader, deeper and higher and the back rest taller for a more comfortable sit. Your Big may be happier removing LumiPotti Light and walking to the bathroom. This is great and LumiPotti Light is designed to help those that want to toilet in this way.
Keep cheering them on. At 4 years onwards your Big needs your active, positive encouragement to really WANT to be dry at night. Reward charts work excellently to motivate your Big. Keep a diary to help you identify any patterns with wetting at this age. With you believing in them, your Big can do it!


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