Stage 3 – the Roamer

Your 3 to 4 year old is independent.

Starting from scratch? Often this age responds best to combined day and night training together. Many femal Roamers will be dry on their first night or very quickly afterwards.
Remember to offer options as your Roamer could wish to move around the house to night toilet in the bathroom. It is common, however at this age, that a fear of the dark is the biggest challenge your Roamer must overcome.

How to Night Train Stage 3:

Confident, independent nights. At 3 most children are physically able to control their bladder at night, most nights. There may still be accidents but these are less frequent and more as a result of needing to go as soon as they wake.
Roamers are so called because they are quick to progress from using LumiPotti in the bedroom to using the removable LumiPotti Light to brighten the way to the nearest bathroom toilet.
Some Roamers are heavy sleepers and parents can put off night training. At this age it could be likely your Roamer has become reliant on night nappies and will respond with encouragement and time.


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