Stage 1 – the Tiddler

Your child is between 18months and 2 years

They show some interest in potty training even if they haven’t started yet. You can usually tell if you’re Tiddler is in this group because suddenly you’ve stopped talking about your child walking/talking and are instead quizzing other parents about toilet training how’s and why’s.
Historically most children would have started toilet training in years gone by but now, in western cultures, it is mostly the reserve of those Tiddlers who simply decide themselves, no more nappies. More often this happens with girls over boys but there are no fast rules here.
If you or your child has decided to say goodnight to night protection then whip out your LumiPotti, stick on a bed mat and away you go!

Night train Tiddlers

Your Tiddler does need to be able to get out of bed independently to successfully night train. No matter what bed your Tiddler is in, use LumiPotti last thing before bed and first thing in the morning. Routine is comforting for Tiddlers and gets them into a great habit moving on.
Make it fun. Keep your Tiddlers enthusiasm up. Let them play with LumiPotti – they love hiding then jumping out to activate the light,standing still till it pops off again… repeat as required.
Keep it easy. If you expect wet nights you will not be disappointed. Even keeping LumiPotti in the room will give your Tiddler confidence to get up at night and remember, lots of positive praise goes a long way.
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