Stage 2 – the Toddler

Your child is between 2 and 3 years.

They run everywhere, talk all the time and are starting to test boundaries. Most parents begin night toilet training now. As toddlers children are developing bladder control and will be physically able to recognise signs of a full bladder, but are not yet old enough to be moving around at night without help.
It is most common for parents to begin day training first at this stage but whatever you do, commit and keep going. Generally LumiPotti found that toddlers who remained in nappies through the Toddler stage were more challenged by night training at a later stage.

How to Night Train Toddlers:

Stop watching and act. LumiPotti research found that most children had a period of hyper awareness as they really conquered bladder control. They learnt to rely on their own body rather than the nappies.
Some will exhibit signs of readiness like asking for the potty or removing nappies. But waiting for a signal from your child can mean you miss the point at which they are ready to move onto night training.
Ignore the accidents. Your Toddler is ready for this, but are you?
Most issues with night toilet training are formed at this age and many parents we speak with can trace issues back to this toddler stage of training. Parents often display inconsistency by starting then stopping both day and night training which is confusing for the child.  Some toddlers breeze through toilet training, day and night makes no difference, but most children need time and patience.
Give them the chance to learn how… expect week 1 to be wet!
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