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How to Survive Toilet Training

How to Survive Toilet Training your Toddler

Want to know how to survive the headache of toilet training your toddler? You can do it, but first let’s meet your opponents in battle…

“My little one trained in just 2 days. Now she’s completely dry.”

“Both mine were totally total trained by 18months. It was easy.”

“We just went nappy-free on that first day and never looked back!”


Understand the Toilet Training Landscape

There is no doubt that some children just get toilet training. One day they are in nappies, the next, they are on the potty and 24 hours later they are totally dry day and night. It seems like it happened by magic.

I have met, spoken to and heard hundreds of toilet training stories over the last 3 years and I can state without any doubt, that these children DO exist, but are far and few between.

How do I know they aren’t the norm? There are thousands of websites and products out there which help parents tackle the job of toilet training their child. Even nappy companies now sell nappies for 5 to 8 and 8 to 15 year olds.


Choose your Weapons

Like anyone preparing battle, the key is having the right tools. In your personal arsenal you will need:

–          Underwear – lots of it (for your child, not you)

–          Floor wipes – to eradicate any little accidents

–          Nappy bags – to poopa scoopa any bigger accidents

–          Potties – preferably 2, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. If you can’t stretch to 2 then a nice solid portable one. Dont be tempted to go cheap here as it isn’t a comfortable sit and could put your child off.

–          Toilet seats – your little one might prefer the toilet so you will need a seat that fits on to make it safer and more comfortable for them.


Plan of Attack

The more prepared you are, the less stressful toilet training will be.

Decide if you want to go for;

–          Total Toilet Training OR Day then Night?

You need to decide whether it’s a total nappy-free zone from day 1 or if only nappy-free days first.  This may depend on how consistent you want to be, if you use organic, cloth nappies or disposable and on cost of continued nappy purchasing.

If you opt for days first then make sure nights follow soon after day dryness success when your child is most in tune with their bladder.


The Day to Strike

–          Chose a time when you are not running out on the school run, to ballet/football practice etc.

–          Talk about your plan with your child and get them excited about it. Don’t spring it on them!

–          Make sure the house is quiet. Children will do better on the first day with just you and them.


Conquer Thy Enemy

A parent’s worst enemy in toilet training is themselves. You must remember the three most essential rules to survival; consistency, patience and encouragement.

Commit yourself to the idea of wet clothes, wet accidents, wet beds and make your mind up not go back. Children respond best to consistency in all things, not least toilet training. Swapping children in and out of nappies will confuse them and will make toilet training really tough.

Be calm. Yes staying in the house for a day is a pain. Yes your back hurts from bending to wipe the floor for the fifth time. Remember your child is learning how to control their bladder! They are tuning into a new part of their body and it takes a little time and a little patience.

Praise the successes and ignore the failures. Toilet training is fraught with accidents. In the house, outside, at the park, on the bus! Everywhere you go you will see a parent dashing for the nearest toilet carrying a small child with a slowly spreading damp patch. Keep yours and your little ones focus on the great job they are doing. Your child is growing up and your parent job is to help them do it with confidence.

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