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Lets Talk Toilet Training

The concept of Total Toilet Training is new to most parents so let’s take a look at what it means…

What is Total Toilet Training?

At LumiPotti we talk about Total Toilet Training because really, a child is not toilet trained until they are able to wake themselves at night to toilet independently. Just like adults do. It is a stage in childhood development. It is a milestone, both for the parent and the child. And it means to be totally dry.

For parents, total toilet training marks the end of the extra weekly £££’s spent on nappies. No more nappies day or night! It’s also the end of wipes and bed mats. Total toilet training can also mean, for some parents, the first real undisturbed nights sleep in years!

For your child being totally toilet trained marks a significant step in their mastery of their physical selves. Control of their own bladder is both a physical and a psychological achievement and it means the first taste of real independence from mum and dad.

At LumiPotti, we see Total Toilet Training as having three mainstays; consistency, persistence and independence.


Consistency: One potty to fit all stages of toilet training. We know toilet trained is not just day dry. It means totally dry and for this children respond best to a consistent approach and a consistent potty. Children take time to adapt, so help them along by establishing a toileting routine which can grow from day into night as they need it. Unlike other potties, LumiPotti is ideal from day one, to night training and on to independent toileting.


Persistence: Some children find toilet training a breeze. This is not however, most children’s experience. Do not despair with a few wet moments. Persist with training through the accidents and from one stage to the next. LumiPotti encourages your child to expect the next stage of training. It helps children move on at their own pace, building the confidence to put day dry success into night-time and onto night walks to the bathroom.


Independence: Children love to do things themselves. It is from their own achievements that children grow confident in their own abilities. LumiPotti is a great and safe way to foster your child’s independence. At night is guides and re-assures them. The removable night light also makes the ideal portable night light they’ll love to use for years to come as they wake for those nightly bathroom visits.



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