Day and Night Dry Advice

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LumiPotti helps children master independent toileting

About to start using LumiPotti? Get ready for toilet training by reading our Use LumiPotti guide and the advice below.

Trying to get night dry? Check out our Stages of Night Toilet Training for more information.

Getting Day and Night Dry

  1. Start chatting to your child about toilet training. Talking is the best way to explain what training means, how you will help them get dry and when you are going to start. Your child may have some concerns or simply need further reassurance about this next phase in their growing independence.
  2. Take the time to involve your child in choosing the right pants for day and pyjamas or nightdress to be sure they can easily use the potty. You may also choose to leave wipes or tissues near the potty for easy use.
  3. Talk to your child about LumiPotti. It is their potty and is specially designed for them to use all through the day and night. They will love playing with the light at naps and sleep time. Plus playing with LumiPotti helps increase their confidence. We recommend you begin leaving LumiPotti in their bedroom at night even if you are not training day and night together. Your child will grow in confidence just knowing it is there. Check out our Use LumiPotti advice

Advice for parents

  1. Be patient. Every step is a new one for your child and above all they need support, guidance and patience. Some children will take longer than others to toilet train.
  2. Be prepared. Start day training slowly but surely. Be committed and your child will benefit. Get ready with extra clothes for daytime and for night, incontinence pads or plastic sheeting to protect the mattress.
  3. Be consistent. Once your child is ready to toilet train, say goodbye to nappies and mean it! This can be a challenge if your child takes longer to train than you hope. It is, however, key your child has all the time needed to continue to learn to control their bladder.

Feeling in the dark?…

  1. Bladders ready. Toilet training does rely on bladder control. Most children are ready between 2 and 3 ½ years old.
  2. No fears. For many children night training is as much about confidence as it is ability to control the bladder. It is very common that children experience anxiety about waking at night. This may stem from fears of the dark, fears about waking or in some cases fear about wetting the bed. Children love LumiPotti and it is designed to help your child gain confidence at night.
  3. Keep trying. Children develop at different speeds. Keep their enthusiasm going by offering lots of encouragement and some small rewards, such as stickers, when they successfully use LumiPotti.

For information on toilet training visit

Download our free dry feet toilet training guide and reward chart, sign up here ….

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