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Welcome LumiPotti

Welcome to LumiPotti!

Hi there and welcome to the LumiPotti blog. We are delighted you have visited us to find out more about LumiPotti.

LumiPotti is the only night training aid actively designed to help your child get dry at night. It is the birthchild of Rachael Forder and Kerry Marriott, who realised that when it came to toilet training at night, the advice suddenly stops! You may have already noticed this too…

At some point every child has to say goodbye to night nappies and tackle the challenge of dry nights. When the nappies come off, your child needs to feel reassured, safe and excited about the prospect of getting up at night.

This is what Rachael and Kerry wanted to do. Help children through this essential phase of learning by giving them an alternative to bed wetting or struggling through the dark to the bathroom.

We are really excited about LumiPotti, the children it has already helped and how it will help your child.

Read our next blog where we answer some of the most commonly asked questions we hear about night training and LumiPotti.

Farewell for now!

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